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About Project

Queen Pertevniyal World Project was launched on August 26, 2022 for a better and more peaceful world.


Queen Pertevniyal or Queen Mother Pertevniyal (1810 - 26 January 1886) was the Romanian wife of Sultan Mahmud II (reign 1808 -1839) and the mother of Sultan Abdülaziz (reign 1861 - 1876). Valide Sultan (Queen Mother) was the title carried by the mother of the sultan whose son ruled the Ottoman Empire. Of thirty-six Ottoman Sultans’ mothers, only twenty-two of them had the title of “Valide Sultan”. 

In addition to their endeavours in the palace, Queen Mothers also had public build­ings built for charity in a number of cities across the Ottoman empire. Even today, you can spot the work of a Queen Mother in almost every corner of Istanbul. Thou­sands of buildings constructed by the foundations of the Queen Mothers  are still worth visiting.


Pertevniyal Valide Sultan, who showed her generosity and mercy through her foundation, was one of the most prominent Queen Mothers. She did not hesitate to spend her wealth to good of the state and the public.

Pertevniyal Valide Sultan was very powerful and influential during her 15 years as queen mother to Sultan Abdülaziz. She had the opportunity to build philanthropic structures along her son, the most important of which was her complex in Aksaray.

The Pertevniyal Valide Sultan Complex was commissioned by Pertevniyal Sultan. She attached great importance to the construction of the complex and had it designed as a complex consisting of a school, a tomb, a mosque and a library. The notables of the Ottoman Empire, scholars, teachers and public attended the groundbreaking ceremony of the complex in 1872.

Owing to the fact that Pertevniyal Sultan gave utmost importance to the education, Pertevniyal High School was founded by her in 1872 with the full support of Sultan Abdülaziz.

The Pertevniyal Valide Sultan Complex is located in the Aksaray district of Istanbul. Aksaray has been an important trade and transportation center for many civilizations since ancient times. It has been one of the central locations of Istanbul, from the Roman Era to the Ottoman Empire. Some magnificent structures from the Ottoman Empire still stand here.


Founded by Queen Pertevniyal in 1872, the wife of Sultan Mahmud II (reign 1808 -1839) and the mother of Sultan Abdülaziz (reign 1861 - 1876), Pertevniyal High School has been standing as one of the most successful educational institutions of the country with its high-standard education and commended students since then.

With 750 mixed-gender students (GIRLS: 390, BOYS: 360) and around 60 teachers, Pertevniyal High School has a very strong academic record, with a high proportion of its students proceeding to prominent universities in Turkey and worldwide. 

The initial name of the school was Mahmudiye Mektebi (School). After the foundation of the Republic of Türkiye, the institution became a standard high school with its new name: Pertevniyal Lisesi (Pertevniyal High School) in 1930. 

Due to the high-quality of its education, Pertevniyal High School was promoted to Anatolian High School in 1998. In 2021, the duration of education in the high school was increased to 5 years.

As a state school, admission to Pertevniyal High School is through the High School Transition System (LGS) exam. The LGS exam is organized by the Ministry of Education of Türkiye every year. Admission to Pertevniyal High School requires a tough competition, since only 150 students out of 1,200,000 applicants can make it through every year. The school is always among the first choices of top-ranked students. 


Queen Pertevniyal World Project aims to contribute to strengthening the relations between Türkiye and the countries around the world. The purposes of the project are mentioned as follows;

1. To sign sister-school agreements with high schools worldwide to develop friendship, promote mutual understanding and cultural awareness.

2. To commemorate the fallen soldiers of Türkiye and the countries involved in World War I and some other wars by organising joint programs with sister-schools.

3. To organise joint cultural programs to promote Turkish and foreign cultures.

4. To enrich bilateral ties between Türkiye and the countries worldwide with the support of diplomatic missions.

5. To make youth cooperation as an essential element of comprehensive intra-regional cooperation through joint projects on student exchange and education, with a view to raising a generation with an awareness of unity, brotherhood and solidarity in the countries of Turkic World (Azerbaijan, Kazakhistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Hungary and Turkmenistan)

6. To convey the memories of our ancestors, who were martyrs and veterans, during the Ottoman Empire and the War of Independence, to our students in the best way possible.

To commemorate the martyrs of  Türkiye by paying a visit to the Turkish Martyrdoms around the world.

8. To pay tribute to the fallen soldiers of Türkiye and the other countries at the Battle of Gallipoli by visiting the cemeteries in Gallipoli with the students from sister-schools.

To recount the achievements of Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the leader who led the country's war of independence and laid the foundation of the Republic of Turkiye, to our students.

10. To perform the songs of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and the compositions of Sultan Abdülaziz and some other Sultans in Türkiye & abroad for the world peace.

11. To perform the songs of  Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent and the compositions of Sultan Abdülaziz in England, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium and Hungary as Sultan Abdülaziz visited these countries in 1867.